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11. That dame that broke your heart is back and looking to get friendly again. You...
a. knew she'd come around...now, where were we, darling?
b. try to put on a tough show, but love her too much to hold a grudge
c. aren't sure how to ditch the lovely lady you're currently with, but you'll work something out
d. cut her down with a few caustic remarks to hide your pain then drink yourself into oblivion

So the answer to this is actually "all of the above." Like, at the same time, even. What can I say, it's a talent. On both our parts. I could use that drink now, actually.

Your Score: Clark Gable

You scored 42% Tough, 28% Roguish, 19% Friendly, and 9% Charming!

You're a helluva guy and a bit of an enigma. You're a man's man, tough talking and ready for anything, and you make the ladies swoon with your rakish ways. You're equally admired by both men and women alike, drinking other men under the table all the while charming the socks off half a dozen lovelies. You're a commanding presence, and you know how to get what - and who - you want when you want it. You're drawn to women who, like you, are savvy enough to deal with the world on their own terms. You work well with spitfires. Leading ladies include Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, and Jean Harlow. No damsels in distress for you.

Find out what kind of classic dame you'd make by taking the
Classic Dames Test.

Link: The Classic Leading Man Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Hey, now, I don't have anything against damsels in distress. It's just that they have a tendency to come out of their swoons and kick me in the nuts.

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Nice site, I envy it, but it seems a little weird when under mozzila browser, keep it moving:)


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