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Okay, so if there's a single thing which still annoys me despite my being used to it at this point (and I include here having my friends tell me off for trying to help them, or near-total strangers thinking they "understand" me, or getting arrested), it's having photos and videos of me turning up on the internet. But I can't seem to stop my mun-typist-whatever-she's-called girl from going on YouTube, so I thought I'd just register my objections to some of this crap.

The vidder labels it "Logan schmoop." Indeed.

This one is...moderately okay, or it would be if it weren't to a Three Doors Down song. Why do they always have to show the scene with the belts, damn it?

Elvis? Seriously? *snerk*


No, I do not wanna be a Kennedy. Jesus, did I actually see a star wipe in there? Look, this is a noir series. Maybe you should stop piecing your vids together with design from someone's 65 anniversary video. From 1983.

Just for that, I'm going to a better vid site. Mmm...multifandom kickass hotties. "I Enjoy Being a Girl"

...I enjoy being a guy having a girl like you. A lot. Ladies?

Hey, a decent song! Except...you know, if you think "Sex and Candy" is too dirty a title to use without asterisks, I don't think I want you chronicling my life. Or is this a YouTube requirement thing? Well, then, that works even better.

Although the idea of me as Danny Zuko and Veronica as Sandra D. amuses me more than is probably healthy. In other news: learn to spell "You're," fanbrat.

How to tell your life is profoundly fucked up: people make ((super spoileriffic)) videos about your girlfriend to "Pretty When You Cry." I suppose I should be glad it's not about me being the bad guy, but FUCKING HELL. Give the girl a break.

(...I see there's also one for Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter. And Spike/Buffy, with some fairly silly-looking clips from the musical episode. I think I'm calling this the ultimate fan/character non-con song.)

It probably isn't a good sign if there are two to "Que Sera Sera," either. Although I do appreciate the out-of-context use of Veronica saying "I'm here to get closer to you." Ha.

Oh, and btw: "Bitch" isn't really the most appropriate song for Ronnie (although I can see where the title might have misled you - but seriously, she's not quite that self-aware). But I'd really, really love to see her face if she saw this.

Wait, there's one about me to "The Ding Dong Song"?


Right. So now that my brain is irretrievably broken, I'm moving on to fanart.

So apparently Veronica and I were in a few deleted scenes from "Waking Life." Looks like we didn't get around to talking about philosophy. I can live with that.

This is kind of awesome, except that it's clearly the Scientologist moron who plays me on TV. Would I wear that sweater? God.

Why will googling not turn up this wallpaper? Why?

Okay, last one. My mun-typist girl says this vid is really pretty amazing, and does just about the best job she's ever seen of presenting my OT4 and its disintegration. Whatever that means.

"Forever Young"


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