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Ganked from elsewhere on the 'nets, and because once I start Logan talking he won't shut up:

What's the worst thing someone could do?

Murder. Especially murder a kid, or a girl - so I guess a pregnant girl would be worst. You could probably keep increasing the wrong as the body count goes up.

I'm not too big on suicide, either.

What's the worst thing someone could do to you?


What's the worst thing that could happen to you?

*sigh* See above. Somebody I loved.

What's the worst thing someone could say about a person?

Say? Hell, I don't know. Depends on the person. You've got to weigh your insults for what'll really upset the insultee, you know. It helps if it's true, or they think it's true, or they think other people will think it's true. Most girls hate being called whores, you can usually get some mileage out of racial shit.

What's the best thing someone could say about a person?

I have no idea. "I love you," I guess.

Are men and women basically different?


Which is better, to be a woman or to be a man?

Honestly? And this is not something I'd say around them, but I've kind of always thought women are better than men. Not every woman, just in general. I think they're...better designed, somehow. Smarter. And tougher per square inch.

I wouldn't necessarily say it's easier to be a girl, though. I don't know.

What can men do that women can't do?

Uh, not a lot. I've even seen a demonstration of peeing standing up, although it did involve a funnel. I guess "produce sperm."

There are some things men can do that women shouldn't have to.

What can women do that men can't do?

Have babies. Various anatomical tricks I have far too much class to describe in detail. (Unless I'm asked.) Understand the appeal of Connor Larkin.

Is it possible to change genders?

After the last several months I wouldn't rule out changing species. As far as transsexuals go...I don't know, kind of a gray area, and nothing I want to get too close to. But whatever people want to believe about themselves.

How old is old enough to have sex?

How old do you have to be technically or how old enough is okay? It partially depends on the other person involved, but I'd say...twelve and under's pretty messed up.

Is it wrong to have sex if you're unmarried?

Ha. Ha ha.

Is it wrong to have sex with someone other than your spouse if you're married.

Yeah. Very. Unless you've got an open marriage, and I highly doubt those work for more than .01% of the population.

Is it wrong to have sex with a person of the same gender?

Not really.

Is it wrong to have sex with a person of a different race (or a different intelligent non-human species)?

Wait, what? Those are slightly different propositions, there. Um. Totally not, for question A, and question B...well, when you say intelligent you do mean "sentient and capable of consent," right? Then I guess it's not wrong, exactly, but it seems kind of...not so smart. For all kinds of reasons. I always wondered why Captain Kirk didn't come down with some kind of crazy space syphillis.

Is it wrong to have more than one sexual partner at the same time?

Depends. Betrayal is wrong.

Is it wrong to have sex with someone you don't love?

Um, no. Why would it...well, okay, if they love you and you don't love them it's not a great idea, but...yeah.

What are the responsibilities of a mother toward a child?

*wibble* To...look after him, love him, make sure he doesn't get hurt till he's old enough to take care of himself.

What are the responsibilities of a father toward a child?

*long pause*

To...protect...the kid. The family. To...I don't know...teach him...I'm really, like, profoundly the wrong person to ask about this.

What are the responsibilities of a child toward a parent?

I can't answer that.

Which should be more important to you, your parent or your child?

Your kid.

Which should be more important to you, your parent or your spouse?

Your spouse.

Which should be more important to you, your child or your spouse?

I...your kid, I guess. What the hell does "should" ever have to do with it, though?

Is it wrong to have a child if you're unmarried?


Is abortion wrong?

Not really. Maybe a little, but this is a fucked-up world we live in, so all things considered it's probably the best move for some situations. Women, I mean.

Is contraception wrong?

Hell, no. That "every sperm is sacred" crap appalls me. I...seriously, no.

Is there one true religion?

How did we get to this? Uh, well, every religion thinks it's the one true, right? I'd say all of them can't be right, although I suppose one of them could be, and we're all damned to the fiery pit for not juggling geese every winter solstice. Who knows.

Does a deity or deities exist?

I'm...not sure. Define deity.

How important is it to believe in a deity or deities?

How important is it to me? Because obviously a lot of people think it's really super-duper important, but...I guess it depends on the person. I don't know what I believe, so I guess that's your answer right there.

How important is it to actively practice your religion?

Look, Mom had me baptized Catholic, but since then I've probably set foot inside a church maybe...five times? Does it count if it's a movie set? I'm all for freedom of religion and people sacrificing chickens if they have to, but the last time I touched a Bible I jerked my hand back and hissed. And the time before that was at my own trial for murder.

Does magic exist?

Seems to around here, yeah. I wouldn't have thought it existed back home, although I occasionally wondered if I'd angered an old Gypsy woman when I wasn't looking.

Is practicing magic wrong?

No. Might be pointless, but it's not wrong unless it involves doing something else wrong.

Is killing always wrong?

Not if it's self-defense, or justice.

Is war always wrong?

Pretty much. Doesn't mean it's ever going to stop happening.

How old is old enough to fight in a war?

Whatever age you have to, I guess. I don't think saying "18" is going to change what the world's like. It probably gets worse as you get younger.

Is rape always wrong?


It's sometimes hard to define, though.

Is torture always wrong?

Probably. There are all kinds of reasons why you might torture somebody, so it's not anything I feel like getting on a high horse about.

Is theft always wrong?

Yeah. Most people will steal if they get the chance, so...I don't know, what does that tell you? I guess it's everyone's job to look after what they've got.

Is slavery wrong?

Who says "no" to that? Do I look like Jefferson Davis or something? Of course it's wrong.

Is lying wrong?

Yeah. Not that that's ever stopped anyone.

Is swearing wrong?

If it is, I'm kind of fucked, huh?
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