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Dr. Perry Cox is concerned about my well-being, and wishes to express this concern by letting me at the Ravenclaw bar.

Okay then.
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LILLY's here. yelled at her and other people fucking Lupin and threw up. Fuck hope she's not in Hyllepurf

passed about a million people on the way out fucking weirdos what the fuck. hope they all choke on their own vomita nd die oh shit I don't feel so

least i wasn't kidnaped for a game show ox is a good guy.

called or flued or whatever in a few song requests
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But he's back now. No word on anal probes or the lack thereof.

And Susan's going on vacation. Good for her.
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So there's this girl called Laura Palmer here now, and she kind of reminded me of Lilly. Sort of. Fuck. I must've looked pretty stupid there.

Susan gave me a handkerchief.
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That was awesome. I've got to DJ again.
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Invitation for some kind of shindig from River's friend Kaylee. Think I'll go - I'm all kinds of bored lately.
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Someone thought giving me access to the school airwaves would be a good idea. Mwahaha!

Ahem. So. Requests?

Leave the link, with title, lyrics link if you've got one (though if there're a bunch of popups I will take that as my cue to mock you on air), and your name and/or the name of the person the dedication's for. Anonymice will probably also be mocked. But you knew that going in, didn't you?

This is going to be fun.
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Picnic with River. Spilled my guts. Feeling weird now, but it was a good time.

...I can't believe it's 4-20 and I haven't got any weed. I wonder what wizards smoke. Must investigate.


Apr. 14th, 2006 04:37 am
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Owls from Oz and Susan Sto Helit. He's going off to be werewolfy; she apologized for yelling at me (!) and I'm supposed to meet her later to talk about stuff.
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Batman came to school today.

And I just had to start talking to Oz about how funny that was.

Fictional. Fictional. Goddamn it. Somewhere, some lucky sonofabitch actor who looks exactly like me is acting out the next fucked up thing that happens to me. Being all complex and conflicted and oh, god, I hate him. I hate whoever writes my life. I hate whoever came up with the idea of my life.

I'm not going to think about it.

I really need to hit someone. Who can I get into a fight with right now?

Why is Oz okay with this?

Oh, the hell with it. I'm going to go to Ravenclaw and get a drink. Except, no, I might run into River and I don't want her picking up on this.

I'm not going to think about it. I'm going to concentrate on getting my laptop to work again, and maybe Oz and I can figure out where we're from. That'll be kind of interesting. I can deal with this.

I never have to go back to Neptune again.
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Oz says he's from something called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." If we're working on the assumption that we're by the same producer, he's done something else called "Firefly."

Also, his (Oz's) owl is psychotic.

I need to get my own owl. How do I not have my own owl already?
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Not that Logan couldn't, or wouldn't, do these for himself. But he certainly wouldn't go around filling them in for other people, when you've got to sign your name. "Give your name so Jonathan Teatime will know what you thought"...not so much.

The Good: Johari Window

The Bad and the Ugly: Nohari Window
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Met River and her friend Kaylee in the halls. Awkward about River's missing (popcorned) brother.
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Prof. Lupin's birthday party. I brought "brownies." Still not expelled.
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The Death Book

No one here has a clue how to make an effective bet, I see. Heh. Thanks for the idea, Dr. Wilson and whoever did that Purity Test back home.
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I saw Veronica. For about three seconds.

At least she seems to be her usual snarky self, with no obvious gushing chest wounds, or anything.
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