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No, really.

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((This is a puppet journal, for the purposes of play at dizzy_land. The player has no connection to the show, writers, or creator of "Veronica Mars," except for abject and devoted adoration. Banner by smiles.))

Logan Echolls is eighteen, wealthy, charming, and possessed of more issues than Maxim Magazine. He's six feet tall, with brown eyes and hair, and an addiction to dramatic hand gestures; his parents were movie stars. Note use of the past tense. He's had a bad couple of years.

Logan Echolls is obligatory psychotic love

If you're familiar with Veronica Mars, this is mid-season 2 Logan, who arrived at hogwarts_hocus after the events of "Plan B." While he was there, post-dead Lilly Kane filled him in on the Big Stuff from the finale, so he's aware of most of what went down but is still having some trouble assimilating it. This may or may not come up at dizzy_land, depending on who's asking the questions.

If you're not familiar with his canon, all you need to know is that he's your standard issue teenage boy, powers-wise. He can hold his own in a fight, but there aren't any sooper sekkrit ninja skillz at work here, just lots of experience with kicking the crap out of people (guys only - no laying a finger on the womenfolk) or getting the crap kicked out of him (occasionally by his womenfolk). He's smart, brash, sneaky, snarky, and loyal to a fault.

Oh, and he knows he's fictional. He's not all that happy about it.

Interests (33):

avoiding paparazzi, being an ass, blondes, cars, cell phones, digital editing, drinking, duncan kane, easy rider, emo!sleeves, emotionally unavailable women, epic-size screw-ups, fighting, freedom, gambling, inspirational quotes, lilly kane, movies, murder charges, music, musicals (shut up), parties, physically available women, poker, pop culture, private investigators, revenge, setting fires, snark, surfing, tijuana, veronica mars, video games
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